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Odile's War - The Mad Game Book Two (Author Signed Copy)


Paperback - Original Signed Copy

A young girl grows up in France at the turn of the twentieth century, in a time when life was simpler; sometimes harsh, but full of love and optimism for the future.

In 1912 a chance meeting with a British boy, William Collins, offers her the exciting prospect of a new adventure, and the thrill of a first love.

But their dreams are shattered with the advent of the Great War. Around her, the world turns to hate, and a brutality she must endure if she is to survive. This is the story of Odile Lefebvre and her private battle to survive the horrors of the war on the Western Front.

Her lost love drifts ever further away, as she descends into a world filled with horror and desperation where the enemy takes away any hope for the future. But her love for William, his fate unknown to her, and her duty and love for her parents, provide an inner strength, driving her onward in a desperate struggle to survive.

A chance to escape the war is offered to her, a chance for her family to survive, a temptation willingly given. She must gamble their lives against her love for William, his love for her and their private dreams.

No girl should have to make this choice.

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