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The Third Light - The Mad Game Book Three (Author Signed Copy)


Paperback - Original Signed Copy

The world has once again descended into war. Once more, the people must endure, once more the citizens of France must look deep within themselves to find the strength to survive.
Henri Collins sees the world around him turn to hate. The love of his mother Odile is unswerving, but his father’s care for his family is fading through ill-health, the result of William’s fight to survive the Great War. It is now time for Henri to become a man, to race to save his family from the darkness of the enemy, once again coming over the Bazentin Ridge.

From unexpected and dangerous places come hands of help and he is forced to risk his life and that of his family and comrades as he decides if these hands are to be trusted.
The shadows of the Great War return to haunt the citizens of France; William and Odile must protect and be protected, they are forced once more to descend into a world of brutality and suffering at the hands of this familiar enemy. But their youngest son Henri is not alone, the final outcome of their war will hang desperately in the balance, until one final act is played out in this, The Mad Game.

The Third Light is the final book in The Mad Game series.

The book is released in paperback and Kindle editions simultaneously in Autumn 2014

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