March 18 2014 Tuesday at 10:01 AM

Chris Cherry Books

Chris has studied the Great War from a very young age. His interests include the effect of the Great War on families and home. The Love and War series reflects the investment in humanity in the conflict that should have ended all war. As well as time spent studying the battles and the military developments, he has also studied the effects of the Great War on the lives of the descendents of the soldiers and civilians caught up in the conflict and innocent of the blame for its cause.

Chris works in Further Education and is an active member of the Manchester 500 Advanced Motorcyclists Group, offering support as an observer for the Institute of Advanced Motorists/Motorcyclists. In his spare time, he is a volunteer with the North West Blood Bikes Manchester. The charity transports blood and blood products, donated human breast milk samples and urgent controlled medications for local hospitals and hospices.The charity benefits from his writing.

Chris loves nothing more than getting on his motorbike and riding off to the battlefields of Europe, seeking authenticity for his stories and adding a human interest to the calamity that was the Great War. Chris is also a member of the Royal British Legion, the Royal British Legion Rider’s Branch and The Western Front Association.